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Noted - Episode 11

There’s a definite sense of a shift this week as we adjust to the first tentative steps in easing the lockdown. Primary schools have opened their doors a crack wider to allow in more pupils, we’re permitted to engage in outdoor socialising with more than one person, buy a new car if we feel so inclined, and of course there’s free football on the horizon (be still my beating heart). In terms of returning to educational establishments, I can report that my 10-year-old is delighted to be back in lessons, but that actually might be less about the school itself and more about being back with her friends and her two amazing teachers (whom she adores). Having someone who actually understands how to do Y6 maths is probably a bonus as well*.  How things are for the poor professionals welcoming the increased numbers of primary pupils may be a different story. I have heard varying accounts of the bewildering and convoluted policies put in place to offer a safe learning environment. Be i