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I start my Hub Lead Blog (provisionally entitled “Noted”), in the strangest of times as we face the biggest peacetime crisis in memory. I thought , given all my inbox seems to hold these days is emails entitled “Coronavirus Update”, I wouldn’t be able to get through this inaugural post without referring to what is known in my house as #Covidgate aka THE VIRUS . However, I’m going to try a bit of Fawlty Towers inspired “ don’t mention the virus” if you’d care to play along.* It had been my new year's resolution to regularly write a Hub blog but as with most things in my life, it’s a bit late (I have also been trying to work on my persistent lateness, having turned it into something of an art-form, more about this in future blogs perhaps).  The last two weeks have been the most surreal of my life, personally and professionally. As well as managing a Music Hub , I also teach two days a week as well as, attempting to parent two young people, and the world for all of